Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snooper. And some Elfing Fun.

We have a magic, little elf that visits our home randomly during the month of December...... "Snooper."  Little kids leave their shoes outside of their rooms at night, and if he happens to come and their room is clean, he will leave a little treat or small gift inside their shoes.  He makes several stops each year, so there's always a reason to pick up your dirty clothes and make your bed! Amazing how motivated the kiddos are to keep things clean in the hopes of finding a little Sponge Bob or whatever else he may bring..... Magic!!! =)

My girls have had so much fun with this tradition the last few years, they even started their own version.....  Each year, they select several random people they want to leave a little surprise for.  Love to see their thoughtfulness and reasons behind their picks.  Very sweet!  They make cute, little tags from a mysterious elf and attach them to a simple gift or treat.  Then they dress up in elf costumes, including these duct tape shoes, because any proper elf wears goofy shoes, right?  My job is to run them around as they leave their gifts on the doorstep, ring and RUN!!!  My giggly girls may not be the sneakiest elves around, but I love seeing them think about others and get excited for a little random act of kindness..... Good stuff! 

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