Saturday, December 7, 2013

Decorating Makeovers: Something Pretty for Our Table and a Blingy Banister

So, I've had this centerpiece for several years, and it shows.  Lots!  But not wanting to just throw it out and hoping I could breathe some new life into it..... I added some extra pieces of greenery, berries and pinecones I had on hand with a little twisting and some green floral wire.  (Btw, a great way to come up with extra pieces of greenery is to cut apart a long garland.  You can always buy a basic pine garland for very little money and I incorporate little bits of them everywhere.)  Wanting to add a little sparkle and since ornaments are my new favorite thing to decorate with..... I hooked some into the garland with ornament hangers.  Bought some new candles, and voila!!!  
Something pretty for our table again.

My next challenge was our banister.  K, this banister is in serious need of refinishing, so much so that I was tempted to hurry and crank that project out before decorating.  But I didn't.  Seems like a great January project, right?  Anyway, I love white lights!  And that's what I use everywhere.  That is until my Dad decided to pass along some extra crazy blinking colorful lights that my kids absolutely fell in love with.  And wanted me to put up somewhere.  So, they landed on this banister and two years ago when they failed, I was even suckered into replacing them.  For the children.  =)   Total proof of my love, cuz they're really not my favorite and when my daughter strung them over our wimpy garland this year, I knew I had to do something.....

So..... I bought another cheap garland and thickened it up a bit.  Found some beautiful red ribbon at Hobby Lobby and a whole bunch of sparkly picks.  I figured if this was going to be a colorful banister, it might as well be blingy too!  But even after adding all of that, it still looked empty and blah.....  


I added some ornaments!!!  Seriously, they are magic.  And now I actually really like our colorful blingy banister and my girls are completely delighted.  Of course, the boy still keeps changing the light setting to the super fast blinky phase just to annoy me, but whatever!

 I placed my little wood sign on a wreath hanger next to the banister and filled an old wooden box with some extra ornaments.  I really love the contrast of my rustic style with their sparkle.  Which is sooo fitting because the new Christmas book I bought this year is "You Are My Miracle" by MaryAnn Cusimano Love.  The story is about a parent with their child commenting on how they compliment one another.  "I am your old stories:  You are my make-believe." And "I am your don't peek; you are my wide eyes."  Just to mention two.  It's a very sweet story, and yes, I did get a little teary over it at the book store.  And maybe again when I read it to my kids the first time.  

I love my kids sooo much and am so grateful for all of the sparkle, fun and joy they bring into my life.  Even if it means colorful flashing lights sometimes!  =)  

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