Monday, December 16, 2013

Cute, Little Neighbor and Teacher Gift Ideas

One of my very favorite parts of Christmas is putting together little gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, etc.  Love it!!!  However, some years I have more time than others and sometimes I get an earlier start on it.  We've done all sorts of things..... from big hand-stenciled signs, baskets filled with goodies, hand-made wood boxes filled with treats to bottles of sparkling cider wrapped up in cellophane to wish people a Happy New Year when we've missed Christmas entirely.  A few years ago I made these little snowmen..... pretty sure this was a New Year's gift too, but all wrapped up in cellophane with some cute tags and I'm sure they were still well received.  Things that can stay up after Christmas are always nice.

Last year, I was in a huge rush to put something together for all of my kids' teachers and found these darling boxes of hot cocoa at Target.  Easy peasy, especially since everything looks better wrapped in cellophane!  Mugs with a cocoa mix and a candy cane look great all wrapped up too.  Found some really cute boxes of taffy at the grocery store this year.  It doesn't need to be fancy.  Or difficult.  I love to make things when I can, but we also spend lots of time baking and putting together food gifts to run around (Yes.  Recipes are coming!) and it makes for a really enjoyable time together.  

This year I decided to make some simple wood blocks finished with scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering.  When you're making a lot of them, they really come together pretty fast.

And the cellophane is magic!!!  =)  I know it's probably weird, but the sight of my piles of little gifts all ready to go always makes me happy.  Almost as much as delivering them.....

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