Monday, November 18, 2013


I try to always focus on the positive.  Probably a defense strategy I've developed over the years out of necessity in order to survive!  ;-)  I'm also pretty big on expressing it.  I like people to know how much they mean to me and I like my kids to understand that in spite of the difficulties life sometimes brings, there is always much to be grateful for.....

So, we made up a bunch of these wood signs for a few friends and family, added a nice little sentiment, wrapped them in cellophane, (of course!) and tied it all up with some pretty ribbon.  Delivering little random gifts is sooo much fun!!!

It also gave me the opportunity to think about what I'm most thankful for this year..... Like my kids.  Laughter and good times that fill our home.  The way we listen to loud music and dance around all silly.  Sometimes even throwing in an occasional conga line around our kitchen island as we bake.  Amazing friends that always lift me up and make me smile.  Hobbies.  Lots and lots of hobbies and things I really love doing.  Even running.  And some new running shoes that actually aren't the ugliest things ever made, although I'll still only wear them when absolutely necessary.  My warm heater in my wood shop/garage that keeps me from freezing as I work on cold days.  Diet Dr. Pepper, that I really should stop drinking, but we all know that's not happening!   Reliable transportation.  My cozy, comfortable home.  Funny stories.  Pictures..... sitting down at the end of a long day and looking at all of the pictures I take, which is kind-of a ridiculous amount, but whatever.  It makes me happy to see my life filled with memories of the people I love and cherish.   Good times.  =)


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