Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Love

 I LOVE Valentine's Day!!!  
Granted, there isn't a holiday I don't love, but I really, really enjoy the traditions my kids and I have created together for this one!  So many people complain that it's just a holiday for couples,
but I think it's a great time to
express your love and appreciation for anyone you care about.    

Started out the day with some heart shaped blueberry oat pancakes.  
Sprayed my cookie cutters with a little Pam, then poured the batter in.  It worked pretty well so long as I removed the cookie cutter before it stuck, but left it long enough to set up.  Kids loved them!  

Then I did a party at the school, another favorite!  For one of our activities the kids designed and cut-out their own mustaches, punched a hole and put a sucker through them.   Turned out great!

I also love random gifts!  And surprising people with them is sooo much fun!!!  These clear tins are perfect for filling with treats or a little something for any occasion.   We also make a lot of crafts for teachers and friends.  I know, shocker.  ;-)

Best surprise highlight of my day was sending roses to my oldest at school.  They organize it as a fundraiser, so I sent her one from each of us.  She was positively beaming it made her so happy!  Love moments like that.

Of course, Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without making our yummy sugar cookies.  You can find the recipe here.  Same thing, just different shapes and colors.

The kids favorite part of the day is our special Valentine's dinner.  I set the table for the occasion, complete with candles and treats,  and have little gifts for them at their places.  While I prepare everything, I banish them from the room so they are completely surprised when they walk in.  One of the cutest moments ever was my little boy wanting to do something special for his sisters this year.  He asked me to take him shopping yesterday, picked out these cute teddy bears and little boxes of chocolate for them, along with some pretty flowers.  So, I had him come down first, and he stood at the bottom of the stairs holding all of this in his little arms as the girls came down.  Adorable!  They were so touched and he had the biggest smile I think I've ever seen.  Priceless!

Anyone else remember delivering Valentine's as a kid?  I do.  Loved it!  The doorbell would ring all night with little treats and cards left on our doorstep.  Doesn't seem to happen so much now, but we're determined to keep it going!  So, after dinner we set out our with plates of goodies, cards and little gifts and had a blast dropping them off.
Seriously, one of the best Valentine Day's ever!!!

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