Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Party Mom

I volunteer to be the room mom every year, taking full advantage of the years my kids really want me to be there.  One of my very FAVORITE things to do is parties.  These are some of our activities from this year.....

{ Mummy Wrap }
Divide the kids into two teams.  Designate a mummy and a wrapper for each team, then race to see who can cover their mummy first.

{ Spooky Charades }
Before the party, blow up white balloons and insert a slip of paper in each one with words like spider, witch, zombie, Frankenstein, ghost, etc. Anything Halloween related that the kids can act out will work.  Draw ghost faces on the balloons.  At the party, each child takes a turn selecting a "ghost," popping it, reading their piece of paper and then trying to get the other kids to guess who/what they are.

{ Spider Craft }
Wrap four black pipe cleaners around a pencil and bend them to look like spider legs.  Use tacky glue to add some googley eyes.

{ Witches Brew }
When our rotations are finished, we turn off the lights and the kids gather around in front of my ginormous cauldron, filled with dry ice and root beer in a smaller pot inside.  I tell them that I've spent the whole years gathering bugs, rats, spiders, etc. just to make my special brew for them.

One at a time, I add fake spiders, rats, bats, a few eyeballs, and anything else creepy and gross I have and stir them in.  Then I pull out my special ingredient.....  a test tube filled with green water that I tell them is squished bugs guts I've been collecting.  I take a sip, let out a loud scream, fall to the ground and after a few "convulsions" I jump up and tell them it's perfect!!!

I love that every year a few kids are reluctant to drink it.

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Traci said...

too much fun! I love your outfit. The mummy wrap is such a hoot! Don't you just love being in the classroom? It is one of my favorite places to be..