Monday, December 31, 2012

Project 365

Looking for something great to do with your new year?

Enter Project 365......
A photo a day every day of the year!!!

I did this faithfully in 2010 and it was one of the funnest, most memorable things we've done and I'm sooo excited to be doing it again!  Now, I'm spazzy about taking pictures to begin with, and take my camera pretty much everywhere, but the challenge of finding something each day to capture led us to document some really random things.  Like water suddenly pouring down form our ceiling.  My daughter's crushed face when her hermit crab died.  Me trying to blow a bubble after an emergency root canal.  You get the idea.

Along with all of the big moments and the usual things we take pictures of, we had all sorts of funny, random pictures thrown in and it made for a fantastic compilation of our year!  We kept track of them on our computer and I posted them in an album on Facebook before compiling them all into a book. You can blog it, scrapbook it, make a dvd, whatever.   Just have them available to look at and enjoy.   My kids loved it as much as I did and often tried to look for things about their day worth photographing.  Seriously great stuff!!!

I love the promise of a new year and am excited to see what story our pictures for 2013 will tell......

Happy New Year!!!

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